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Inside cover of a book with a gift tag from Lisa to Daddy

Gift tag

The photos I use in my montages come to me in books that have already meant something to somebody else or have already been passed from one person to another.
Dedication written inside a book.

Love from mum

I use photos that have often been charged with additional meanings and feelings that do not belong to them as documents of events. I don't try to insert these meanings into the montages but think of all photos as having this kind of afterlife.


Technically, there is no difference between authors signing books and the names written inside books by their owners. Both use a pen, for instance. But the relation to the book is not the same. It is these relations that constitute the life of the book. 

Inscription inside a book cover.


When the inscription inside the book cover is written formally, the content of the book is usually intended to carry meaning for the recipient. 
The name of the previous book owner

One previous owner

Names of the owners inscribed inside books indicate a particular path that a book has taken in the world and a group of books to which it belongs. So far, unfortunately, I've never seen the same name written inside two different second hand books.
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