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Garry Winogrand book The Man in the Crowd

Date, place, etc

I sometimes use documentary photos or photo-journalism, but I don't think of them as more reliable documents than snapshots, film-stills, landscapes or product shots. 

Not being there

Whereas the documentary photographer travels to witness events, I am interested in how photos travel to the reader from every corner of the world. I don't prefer to consume, I prefer the entirety of photography as a history and a world to the single event. 
Chris Burden crucified on a VW


Photography found a place in contemporary art first as the documentation of actions, performance and temporary installations. My use of photographs is informed by this insofar as I always imagine them as relics of social encounters rather than simply as images.

Photo from the Times with caption and news story.

Captions, stories, etc

What I read about a photo is usually more important than the image itself because I am interested in montaging times, places and events.
Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 15.31.33.png

Nothing but the truth

This fashion shot for Squaremile could be said to be a false image, a set up, a fake, but everything about it, from the brief down to the model's sockless feet, can be traced back to real events. The faked photo or the fantasy image does not negate any facts but adds extra facts.


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